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Let’s face it. All of us have faced problems with our Xbox One controller. Having a problem is just a common thing. But getting the perfect solution to your problem is something that matters the most. Read the article and find the easiest solution for your Xbox One Elite Controller.


Let’s check it. Do you have one of these issues with the Xbox One Elite Controller?

  • Can’t connect Xbox One Wireless Controller
  • Xbox One Wireless Controller gets disconnected automatically
  • Unable to power on the Xbox One Wireless Controler
  • Xbox One Wireless Controler buttons do not work
  • Triggers of the Xbox One Controller does not work
  • Update issues with Xbox One Controller
  • Xbox one controller blinking slowly
  • xbox one controller not turning on

Here you go! Get your hand used to with the solutions given.

Xbox One Wireless Controler Disconnects

It’s very often that you can find your Xbox One Wireless Controller gets disconnected. There are several reasons because of which you are facing the issue. Take a look at the reasons:

  • The Controller’s batteries are weak, or the rechargeable battery pack needs recharging
  • Another wireless device interfered with the wireless controller’s connection
  • Any metallic device present in between the console and the controller interfering in the connection
  • The Xbox One Hardware is malfunctioning

To solve the issue:

Replace the Batteries or Recharge the Battery pack

If the problem was caused because of the weak batteries replacing it will easily solve the problem.

Power Cycle Your Console

  • Press and hold the Xbox Guide button on your controller for a few minutes

Xbox controller error

  • Then, from the on-screen menu, click on the Turn Off Console button and after that press A
  •  Now, Turn the console on again, Press and hold the same Xbox Guide Button from the controller to do so

Update issues with Xbox One Controller

Having issues updating your Xbox One Elite Controller wirelessly? Try to update it via USB then. Follow the steps given here to do so.

  • Firstly Sign in to Xbox Live on your Xbox One console
  • Plug in the bigger end of the included USB cable into the port on the left side of the Console
  • Plug the small end into the top of the controller
  • Now, follow the instructions that come automatically on-screen
  • Finally, after completion unplug the USB cable

Xbox One Elite Controller

Still can’t update the controller? Get in touch with the experts for the solution. Call at the toll-free number of  Xbox One Elite Controller Support and get resolved the issue easily.

Xbox One Wireless Controler buttons do not work

This is a common issue with the Xbox One Controller. Many users find this kind of issue using the device.

Make sure you are using the removable parts which are authorized.

Try other Parts to check if the controller is working or not.

Reset your controller’s defaults in the Xbox Accessories app and then try using that again.

Screen Objects Move Without The Controller Use

Many users face the problem and reports that unintentional movement occurs during the gameplay without touching the thumbsticks.

There are two reasons because of which you may face the problem.

There might be debris under the thumbsticks

The thumbstick is broken


Check for junk and debris. If you find any clean it.

That will solve the problem for you.

To clean the thumbsticks first, remove them from the controller. And then get a can of composed air and try to blow any dirt if present.

If it doesn’t work use a cotton cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol and clean the residue from the electronic unit underneath the thumbsticks.

Due to heavy use of the thumbsticks, it can be damaged or the motherboard below it might be broken. Replace it. You can Call at the toll-free number of  Xbox One Support to repair your thumbsticks.

Have you Tried Anything Else?

Let us know if you have any other easy solution to solve the issue. Use the comment box to share your tips. We would like to hear from you.

Anyway, Folks! That’s all from us. Wrapping up, I must say to solve your issues associated with the Xbox One Elite Controller getting in touch with the experts will be the best thing you can do.

Call at our Xbox Tech Support toll-free number: +1-800-712-0807 or visit the Xbox One Support portal to chat with the chat-assistants available there.

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